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Service payment methods

You can pay for our services from anywhere in the world. You can be sure that your payment will be carried out as quickly as possible. If you are unsatisfied with the quality of our services, we will make a refund (see our Refund Policy below).

Main supported payment methods:

Procedure and execution of payments:

Bank wire transfer

   You can pay for our services using bank wire transfer by sending the money to the following account:
Bank: UniCredit Bank Slovakia a.s.
Account Number (EUR): 11 88 14 10 01 / 1111
IBAN: SK 37 1111 000 000 11 88 14 10 01
Please state the invoice number in the comments to the payment. Received payments must be cleared of fees and fully cover the invoice payment total. Insufficient or surplus funds will be credited to the client's account according to the Terms of our Service.

Clearing settlement (for legal entities)

   Legal entities wishing to make a transfer to our bank account have to issue a company invoice through the billing section of their account. They will need to specify the company's requisites before printing out the invoice. We can fax them a stamped and signed invoice upon request. We can provide them with all the necessary documentation for accounting purposes confirming the receipt of their payment. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact our Corporate Client Department by phone (see "contact details") or by filling out a support ticket.

Clearing settlement (for large corporations, state funded organizations, government agencies)

   In most cases we're ready to cooperate with those entities that have complex procedures for contract negotiations or those that require specific pre and post-payment systems and offer our services upon receiving a guarantee letter or other official document which clearly states cooperation intentions. We have vast experience working with state agencies and large corporations and we understand the specifics of such cooperation. We can provide them with all the necessary documentation for legal and accounting purposes, including modified contracts (or state contracts). To find out more about such cooperation please contact our Corporate Client Department by phone (see "contact details") or by filling out a support ticket.

Debit/Credit Card Payment

КартыPlastic cards are very fast and convenient for payment and you can use them from anywhere in the world. We accept the following major international cards: VISA, MasterCard, Discover/Novus, AmericanExpress, JCB. You can pay for our services with a card through your account.
Payment via Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Discover/Novus, JCB is made through a secure payment system, which guarantees maximum security and accuracy of your payment.

Webmoney Transfer

Webmoney Webmoney Transfer is a system of instant online payments. You can transfer money to our account within the Webmoney system. Our contact details within the Webmoney Transfer system:
WM ID: 405678895793
   Only payments initiated through our customer billing section are accepted. We do not accept direct transfers.

Bank payment (for individuals in Russian Federation)

   To make a payment through a bank within Russia, you'll need to print out a special invoice through the client's area. You get access to this section immediately after placing an order. You need to specify the payer's details before printing out your receipt and taking it to the nearest branch of your bank. Sberbank charges 1%-3% commission for its services. The commissions of other banks may vary. You need to send us a scanned copy of your stamped and signed by the bank clerk receipt by e-mail or fax when using this method of payment.


   You can get invoices through your personal user account. You can access your account as soon as you've submitted an order. To receive your invoice you need to fill out the payer's details (individual's or company's) and the payment sum and then print out this document.

Prompt payment execution

   A bank transfer can take several working days to be executed. We kindly ask you to upload the scanned payment receipt through the client's billing section so you don't wait for the money to reach our bank account. We will register the fact of payment and the account/server will be immediately set to work, activated or extended for the specified period.

Accounting documents

   If you need to receive original documents from us for accounting purposes (e.g. original invoices,contracts), then we kindly ask you to fill out the "document request form". Please enter your data in our system, including the company details and specify which documents you would like to receive. We will send the the requested items by post within 1-2 working days (subject to additional fees). If you're signing a contract with us for the first time then we kindly ask you to send us 2 copies of the printed contract from our website signed by you (including all corresponding attachments). After registering and signing the contract we will send one copy to the return address specified by you, attaching the specified accounting documents.

Refund policy (Moneyback)

   If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of our service, we will make a refund. The following conditions apply in this case:

  • Funds are returned upon the statement of specific reasons for contract termination by the client.
  • The funds are returned only if the client did not violate the rules of the hosting policy, terms of service and the contract terms.
  • The funds are returned by any method which is available at the time of refund request.
  • The funds are returned only within a specified refund or moneyback period for the particular service type.
  • Only the unspent funds are available for a refund. This means that the following are not refunded: the domain price (in the event of the domain having been registered; in this case the cost of the domain is taken from the price list of accommodation outside of the eServer.eu network); the cost of hosting or other services in the previous usage period, not including the discounts for that period and based on the amount of full remaining months (or years, in case of annual service plans); other incurred costs (accounting department's refund services, the secretarial services of refund documents preparation as well as the cost of the the payment order), which have taken place.
  • In the event of unilateral contract termination by the client without objective reasons on their part we will make a refund excluding the cost of the already used resources (see above) and the current month's service fee (the price is calculated based on the previous usage period, not the prepaid period).
  • You may request a refund by sending an officially notarized request.
  • The funds are returned only upon the implementation of the above conditions. We do not accept refund requests over the phone.

By default, in the event of refund request approval, a refund is made using the same payment method through which the payment was made and in the same amount (excluding the incurred costs, overhead costs and payment system's commission charge).

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