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The price of any server includes accommodation in a modern eServer.Space Moscow data center (one of the leaders of the Moscow data center market, IBM Tier3 certified and PCI DSS certified), 100 Mbit/s and more port connection, as well as access to IPMI or remote reset. DirectAdmin or ISPManager control panels are provided free of charge upon request. IP KVM console is available for free for 15 minutes per month, if the server has no IPMI.
No hidden fees!

Additional services for Russian dedicated servers

Free unmetered bandwidth
Incoming and outgoing bandwidth is free of charge without any limits.
IP addressesPrice/monthly
Basic server IP addresses - 1pc. (extendable to 2 addresses) ˆ0
Additional IP address (/32 static routing) ˆ2.4
8 IP address subnet (/29) ˆ16
16 IP address subnet (/28) ˆ32
32 IP address subnet (/27)2 ˆ64
255 IP address subnet (/24)2 request a quote
Operating SystemsPrice
Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008 Web license for one server ˆ16
Microsoft Windows Server 2003/2008 Standard license for one server ˆ40
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Essentials license for one server ˆ16
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard license for one server ˆ49
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Datacenter license for one server ˆ60
Standard OS installation:
FreeBSD, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu Server, Fedora Linux, Windows 2000/2003/2008/XP/7 (32/64 įčņ) (license is acquired separately).
Installation of a non-standard OS ˆ20
Standard OS reinstallation ˆ20
Reinstallation of a non-standard OS ˆ28
Standard OS reinstallation
(with data preservation)
īņ ˆ40
Server configuration downgrade ˆ20
Server administrationPrice/hourly
Manual server reboot ˆ0
1 hour of remote basic system administration3
(for a standard configured server)
1 hour of basic system administration
(for a standard configured server)
1 hour of basic system administration in the data center3
(for a standard configured server)
1 hour of professional administrator's work on a server with one of the following operating systems:
FreeBSD; CentOS; Debian; Ubuntu Server; Fedora Linux; Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista (all types and versions).
24/7 monitoring of the dedicated server and it's services4 ˆ0
Control PanelPrice
Control Panel DirectAdmin ˆ0/monthly
Control Panel ISPmanager Lite
(paid support by is available)
Control Panel ISPmanager Pro
(paid support by is available)
Change of the control panel DirectAdmin <-> ISPmanager Lite ˆ20
DirectAdmin/ISPmanager Lite control panel installation if it has not been ordered with the server ˆ20
Control Panel cPanel
Other servicesPrice
KVM-over-IP remote access6 ˆ8/hourly
Primary and secondary DNS servers (with different C class subnets) ˆ0
Personal on-call manager from ˆ79.2
Transfer of accounts between servers with settings persistence
(only with DirectAdmin control panel)
Transfer of the information from/to client's storage medium to/from rented server7 ˆ40

1 - To apply for a larger amount of IP addresses (more than 32) it is required to justify their use.

2 - Service is provided by decision of administration when technically feasible.

3 - Basic administration includes consultation and work of specialist on the client's server upon request. Basic administration services do not include Software reconfiguration, debugging, system reinstall up.

4 - Monitored services are selected by the client and entered into the list by the support team. Notifications about problems will arrive on the clients e-mail. If a major problem arises informs the client by phone.

5 - Professional system administration maintenance is carried out only if a prior request exists with a detailed specification of desired results. OS reinstall service within professional administration package are available for a setup price of system reinstall listed in the additional services price list.

6 - This service gives you a directly connected remote console access to your server (display, keyboard, mouse and USB). Must be prepaid for at least 2 hours

7 - Storage medium reffers to: IDE and SATA Hard Disk Drives, CD or DVD (no more than 5 disks). For a more detailed explanation of this service please inquire our support team.

* - Attention! Any additional service is a part of dedicated server rental service. Additional service payment calculation will be based on the main service (server rental) billing period (from the beginning of the last paid month). The minimal period of such calculation is 1 month. That means if you order additional service even 1 day before the end of the billing period of the main service you still have to pay a full month of usage

Prices are VAT exclusive (20%). Prices are shown in Euros